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Shannon Christopher's praise for Tachi Skin Care testimonial reviewI first starting seeing Tachi almost a year ago to help me deal with the reality of my upcoming 40th birthday — I had wanted to begin consistent, preventative, professional skincare treatments a long time ago, but with this particular birthday looming, I got a little fire under me!  Tachi’s knowledge, skill and obvious passion for skincare have benefitted both my skin and my soul.  I now see Tachi every 5 weeks or so, and through an array of personalized treatments, and the use of professional products at home, my overall complexion has gone from good to fantastic!  I get compliments on my skin every day.  Thanks, Tachi, for your attention to detail, your thoughtful consultation and your amazing treatments.  Okay, 40 bring it on!

~ Shannon Christopher

Erin O'Kelley Muck's praise for Tachi Skin Care  testimonial reviewMy best friend Shannon treated me to a facial with Tachi, and I was immediately taken with her. In my busy life, it’s rare to find myself completely relaxed — a total “Calgon take me away” moment, where I sink into peace as my skin and soul are pampered. I have been back many times, and know that I will be treated to a rejuvenating, soothing, blissful, informative, caring experience. It is truly heavenly, and Tachi has such an incredible gift for what she does! I’ve tried the classic facial ( soooo blissful), the benefit peel (incredible-looking skin!), the microcurrent (firmed, smoothed, fabulous!), and several products including the Opti-Crystal-liquid crystal eye serum which reduces fine lines and the Colorescience primer foundation and mineral powder, all of which make me look glowy, fresh, and youthful. I thank my lucky stars to have Tachi in my life, and I look forward to aging gratefully and gracefully under her care.

~ Erin O’Kelley Muck

Arianna Nelson's  praise for Tachi Skin Care testimonial reviewWords cannot describe how special Tachi is to me.  Not only is she a fabulously attentive esthetician, but over the years she has become a dear friend.  After searching long and hard for an esthetician that LISTENED to my needs, I was blessed to find Tachi.  I have been with her these past 7 years or so for a reason.  As someone who has suffered with moderate to severe acne, I am thankful for an esthetician who is as progressive and concerned as Tachi is.  Through due diligence and her nurturing character, Tachi has helped me control my acne to a point where I now RARELY have any breakouts!  I am also thankful for a welcoming atmosphere where I can escape for a few hours and truly relax.  The combination of care, rejuvenation and quality of care Tachi provides makes a facial with her a truly memorable experience.

~ Arianna Nelson

Wendy Toney's  praise for Tachi Skin Care  testimonial reviewTachi has been my skincare consultant for over 4 years now… Although we live in different states, she is still my go-to girl for any questions/advice i ever have regarding skin care regimens,products and treatments. She is a truly dedicated Esthetician and life long friend.

Being in my late 30’s, I have the usual concern for the preservation of my skin… I have had amazing results with the skincare lines Tachi carries… From her ColorScience primers and mineral makeup to her CosMedix skincare line… and recently, my new favorite, Sircuit Cosmeceuticals “Secret Sauce Anti -Wrinkle Solution” of which I have seen dramatic results in the firmness and lifting of my skin… I wouldn’t hesitate to say that I have seen years drop off the look of my face.

All of my product orders are sent immediately, always arriving carefully packed and fresh. I only wish that Tachi and I lived closer so that I could receive treatments  from her on a more regular basis. But for now, I continue to use her products religiously,and see her for treatments when I can.

~ Wendy Toney, San Francisco

Keri Wegs'  praise for Tachi Skin Care  testimonial reviewAs an esthetician working in the field for the past thirteen years,  I have had my share of mediocre skincare treatments. I was forever looking for an esthetician who knows the perfect balance of results oriented skincare with a touch of nurturing involved. My search always brings me back to Tachi Dodero.  I have yet to meet another esthetician who is as passionate about making a complete individualized experience for each client. I know when I’m in her hands she has put much thought into what treatment will fulfill my facial needs.  I can trust that she will always be informed and knowledgeable on what’s new in the esthetic industry. I can also trust that she will have put the maximum level of research into new treatments implemented, as well as new skincare products she will use in her practice.

On a personal level she is a lovely woman who truly cares about people.  She will immediately put you at ease with her gracious and sweet spirit.  Quite simply, I could sing her praises forever.  She really is one of my favorite people on the planet.

~ Keri Wegs

Abigail Turner's  praise for Tachi Skin Care testimonial reviewWhenever I come home to visit, my mom treats me to a facial with Tachi. It is a family tradition for my mom, dad, and I to use a wonderful clay mask Tachi introduced us to.  All her products feel and smell great and work wonders.  But the best part of all is the experience — she is so thoughtful, professional, and fun!

~ Abigail Turner

Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass' praise for Tachi Skin Care testimonial reviewI would highly recommend Tachi Dodero as your esthetician. It continues to impress me the way she keeps up, through classes and research, on all the cutting-edge techniques and finest products available. You can trust her to give you the very best in personalized care with integrity for your skin, hair removal, and all the other services she offers. Oh and Tachi’s facials are Heaven, your gonna Love them!!!

~ Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass

I’ve known Tachi for over four years. I first used her services at a spa and employed her for a variety of diverse treatments — purchased as a series as well as drop in or “beauty emergencies”. I found her to be competent in all areas.

I observed her transition from an employee to an independent operator, and her superior skill, service and winning manner were revealed to be even more expansive and in evidence in her own environment.

Tachi has created a beautiful, stylish, calming and healing oasis in her treatment room. She is a skillful operator with a confident and engaged touch — always present and always with mindful intention, but never intrusive or abrupt. She is an animated and passionate student behind the science, technology, philosophy and practice of her field and integrates the latest in a very discriminating way — she is highly opinionated and articulate about what she does and why, and why it is or is not right for you.

I endorse her with the greatest confidence.

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

~ Liz Tagami

Tachi is…


Every session with Tachi is refreshing and relaxing. Sometimes the skin tingles but I know the products Tachi uses are natural and safe. With Tachi’s expertise and soothing touch my skin is resilient and luminous.

~ Evelyn Henderson

I have been seeing Tachi for skin care for some years and I am always impressed with the radiance of my skin after a treatment. I continue to enjoy the benefits of each treatment with the variety of high-quality products I have purchased from her. With Tachi, I always feel like I am in the hands of a true professional; one who is passionate about skin care and who shares that enthusiasm with her clientele. I also appreciate her commitment to researching new products and learning new techniques. She shares her new discoveries with great enthusiasm, tailoring them into the perfect program for each particular client. She is both incredibly focused, and fun! I am so grateful for Tachi Skincare!

~ Maria Kelly

Tachi focuses on my specific skin needs and uses quality products and technology to obtain visible results. I appreciate her research of products and continual professional development. I feel well cared for after each visit. You will too!

~ Donna Mae Fiore

I have been going to Tachi for facials and leg waxing for several years. Can you imagine looking forward to having your full legs waxed? This is how good Tachi is. She is the best of the very best. I swear when she gives you a facial it is truly a spiritual experience. A facial with Tachi is one of the greatest gifts I give to myself. I deserve her, don’t you? I could go on and on about this incredible lady and her gifts but I believe no words can do her justice you just have to experience her yourself.

~ Iris in Ashland, Oregon

My partner has been going to Tachi for over a year and I finally decided to give her a try and get my acne back under control. I couldn’t be happier. After years of battling pretty severe acne, it’s safe to say that Tachi is the best esthetician I have been to. Her space is warm and relaxing and she works wonders. I am so relieved to have finally found someone that I trust with my skin.

~ Taylor B. from Yelp

I have been going to Tachi Skin Care for several years and am very pleased with her service. I always feel very cared for and nurtured during treatment. Her work is top notch and the atmosphere is lovely. She even has a heated treatment table! Needless to say it is very relaxing and delux at Tachi Skin Care.

~ Holly G. from Yelp
Phoenix, OR

I have undergone facials from Tachi SkinCare, always relaxing, always enjoyable. Recently I have started microcurrent treatments. My face feels firmer and smoother. My friends are noticing the change. The very coolest is when I run into someone I haven’t seen in a while and they say to me “you never seem to age.” I get a silly smile and say “Thank you Tachi, you’re the best.”

~Lynne S. from Yelp
Medford, OR

I got my first facial from Tachi yesterday and was absolutely delighted! From her super nurturing touch to her knowledge and professionalism I was thoroughly pleased. She is a very warm person who clearly loves what she does and puts her heart & mind into her work. Thank you Tachi!

~Angela B. from Yelp
Jamestown, RI

I have been seeing Tachi regularly for several years, and she certainly keeps my skin looking and feeling its best.  She is intuitive and obviously is passionate about her profession.

Tachi keeps up on current technology, ingredients lists, and often attends continuing education courses.

She rocks.  Best skincare in the Rogue Valley!

~S.C. from Yelp
Ashland, OR

Tachi is a miracle worker! I would recommend her to anyone looking for a cure for their acne. After a few months of dedication in using the product and seeing her regularly, a small change of diet that she informed me on, tachi helped completely transform my skin! I now feel back to my confident self.

She is the best!

~Jessica L.
Medford, OR<

I have never really dealt with skin issues until about 2 years ago. I started having hormone problems and developed severe acne that my dermatologist wasn’t even able to treat. I felt like I had tried everything and had seriously almost given up until I was referred to Tachi by another aesthetician. I could tell right away that she was passionate about what she does. She made me feel so comfortable and assured me that she would solve my problem. I was given so much information about what causes acne, ingredients to avoid in products that cause acne and even how my diet was affecting my acne ! She set me up with a regimen and within a few weeks I started to notice a dramatic difference in my skin. I have had continuous treatments over the past 8 months and I have finally gained my confidence back. I couldn’t be more happy ! Tachi really is a miracle worker. I HIGHLY recommend her !

~Michelle F.
Medford, OR

I am at heart, a “no-make-up” girl, but consistent hormonal breakouts in my 30’s had me sporting foundation and more while I tried everything and anything in search of results. I had nearly given up when a friend referred me to Tachi.

She is a miracle worker; She assessed my needs, educated me on everything from product to diet and set me up with an easy to follow personalized routine. Within a few weeks, my skin was totally CLEAR. I have now experienced 5 months of no-makeup beautiful skin for the first time in 5 years!

I also note: she is a lovely person…funny, thoughtful and beautiful! I can’t imagine anyone finding a reason to go anywhere else.

~Crea M.
Salem, OR

Tachi truly cured my acne. I became a client nearly a year ago and had tried literally everything on the market to clear up my skin. In my 30s I was rarely without a breakout and after trying product after product & system after system for a decade,  I began with a series of facials & product with Tachi. My complexion improved immediately & I am totally breakout-free & my skin looks better than ever.

~Julie K.
Medford, OR

It was January when I called Tachi with one of the worst break outs I had had in a long time. My skin has always been extremely acne prone, and over the years I have been through more products and treatments than I care to count, always with more frustration and inconvenience than actual results. Now into my 30’s it seemed only to be getting worse. My invincible bad skin had left me feeling that this attempt would likely be just more of the same, but I am so very thankful to Tachi  that it was anything but! I am now writing this in August with five months of totally clear skin and Tachi is without a doubt my skin care hero! All the way from southern Oregon (I am in Portland) Tachi was able to assess my specific issues through pictures, emails, and phone conversations, and she developed a treatment plan that was super easy to follow, and totally effective. The improvements in my skin were apparent very quickly, and I have not had a single breakout or serious blemish since I started working with her. With Tachi’s kind and knowledgeable support I gained the resources to finally manage my skin, and I am so happy to no longer be on the cycle of useless products and attempts at covering up my skin. For the first time in my life I feel totally comfortable out in the world without makeup which is more liberating that I can even say! I cannot recommend Tachi enough for her expertise in bringing balance to problem skin and for the incredibly professional and personal care she provides. Thank you Tachi, you are amazing!

~Christina H.
Portland, OR


I moved from San Francisco recently & was looking for a local aesthitician. I saw some reviews for Tachi’s services & am very glad that I went to see her. Not only did my skin look great a few days after I saw her but she made the whole experience very comfortable. She is very professional & up to date in her practice. I really liked that she highlights the products she feels work. Definitely looking forward to my next visit!

~Helena M.
Antioch, CA

Whenever I visit family and friends in Ashland, I make sure to schedule an appointment with Tachi for one of her fabulous facials! If only she lived in Portland…

I’m happy to see she’s on Yelp and I’ll make my review short and sweet.

  • Pros:   -Dreamy touch
  • -Best bed ever
  • -Knows all her products well ( she even ships them to Portland for  me!)
  • -Nice atmosphere..good style ( many places tend to be on the cheesy side)
  • -Gorgeous lady (not like that matters though..)
  • -Best facial I’ve ever had!!!!
  • >Cons:   -My only complaint was her workspace being at her house, but now she has moved to a new spot in Medford, which I can’t wait to visit!
  • -I have to travel 4 hours to see her.

I highly recommend!!

~Melanie C.
Portland, OR

Tachi provides professional, expert skin care.  I know because I’ve been following her for her services for 7 or 8 years now.  She also makes the appointment fun.   I now consider her a friend, and having an appointment is a social event catching up on our news.  I give her the highest recommendation.  You will not be disappointed.

~Hannah H.
Ashland, OR

Tachi and I have been life long friends since the age of 5. I have been following her continually evolving esthetics career since the beginning. I have had the the pleasure of receiving facials and treatments from her, albeit long distance, for years. I knew she was gifted from the first time she worked on me. I must  concur with what all the other reviewers have been saying about her. She is truly passionate about skin care and is constantly researching and following new developments, products and techniques in her field. She has a truly one of a kind touch and warmth about her that will put anyone at ease within meeting her. She is 150% dedicated to every clients skin needs/challenges. She is a results oriented esthetician, which is reflected in her overall approach, as well as the  product lines she utilizes and retails, which I have been using and loving for years now. I recently received a microcurrent treatment from her when I was last in town, and i was surprised, and thrilled to actually SEE the difference in the mirror right after, my eyes were noticeably lifted and my whole face looked overall firmer. I can only imagine the results had I been in town long enough to receive a series of them! I have actually been so inspired by her that I myself am now about to be licensed for eshtetics in San Francisco! Look no further, you have undoubtedly found your esthetician.

~Wendy T.
San Francisco, CA

I had a facial today and my skin looks AMAZING! Tachi did several treatments on me, including microcurrent, and my skin feels supple, soft, elastic, glowy, and years younger! Thank you thank you Tachi for the incredible treatment, I can’t wait for my next appointment!

~Erin O.
Ashland, OR

I am an esthetician who has worked in the industry for fourteen years. I think I have an idea of what is mediocre and what is beyond amazing in the skin care world. I am also a native of the valley that worked in the industry for numerous years there. Since then I have moved on to San Francisco and now Portland. Rest assured if anyone ever asks for a facial referral. I refer Tachi time and time again. There is simply nothing even in comparison in the valley. What she is doing is on par with what is being done in larger cities. She is constantly evolving, educating herself, and growing with an ever changing industry. She realizes that the typical skin care client is far more skin savvy than in the past, and she able to meet their specific needs. If you want mediocrity go to someplace else. If you want results and your skin to look the most amazing it ever has, go see Tachi. Not only is she esthetically advanced but she really is one of the loveliest people I have had the pleasure of knowing.  Make that appointment.

~Keri W.
Portland, OR

I don’t like strangers touching me, which is why I don’t enjoy a professional massage as a gift lets say…. but even worse than that is almost anybody touching my face!! I find it incredibly invasive and hard to relax. This being said,, when I received a gift of a facial from Tachi’s skin care for my birthday last year,, I was nervous about how I would feel. I have never enjoyed having my face touched as when I received a facial from Tachi. I was immediately at ease, she was graceful and intuitive and totally knowledgeable about every single question I had. She explained what she was doing in advance so I was never surprised. She explained why she was doing things in certain steps and gave me extensive information about the products she was using and why they were what my skin needed. It was amazing! It was relaxing! I wanted it to last for weeks. Also, since I had known several friends who were using her services and products and looked noticeably better than before their treatments and product regimens. I decided to buy a product line from Tachi suited for my skin type and needs…. It was amazing how different my skin looked after a few weeks. Stronger, firmer, more supple, kind of glowing. My breakouts were diminished considerably, my skin just looked all around more healthy,, youthful too. I couldn’t recommend more the experience of Tachi’s magic hands on your face,, and following up with the products she suggests… It is worth it and beyond… And this coming from a lady who not only cringes at face touching, but has also spent a small fortune on hundreds of products that never came close to making my skin look as good as it does when I’m following the Tachi regimen……. Do not miss out on this experience……….
~Michael W.
Ashland, OR


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